Presentation Abstracts Now Available

We are pleased to announce that access to the abstracts of all those who presented on the day of the event (see below) can now be found here. Thanks again to all who contributed in making the first Contemporary Hungarian Studies event a success!

Panel 1: Politics
Rafael Labanino (University of Bern) ‘Why Hungary? Institutional causes of democratic regression.’

Helen Keighley (University of Sussex) ‘Corruption in Hungary: Explaining transposition deficits in anti-bribery legislation.’

Balázs Brucker (University of Pécs) ‘European Parliament criticism of Hungary’s democratic values and Hungarian responses.’

Panel 2: Language & Literature
Sandra Buljanovic Simonovic (University of Belgrade) ‘Language learning and politics: The case of Hungarian in Belgrade.’

Beatrix Tölgyesi (University of Glasgow) ‘The only Hungarian writer who is Lithuanian: A debate on urban vs. rural literature.’

Dr. Kata Bohus (University of Göttingen) ‘Anne and Éva – two diaries, two memories.’

Panel 3: Culture & Society
Ágnes Vass (Institute for Minority Studies, Centre for Social Sciences, HAS) ‘From ethnizenship to diasporisation(?): The effects of preferential naturalisation within members of ethnic Hungarians living abroad.’

Joanna Mellis (University of Florida) ‘Borrowing Communist symbols of power? Building Hungarian prowess through sport then and today.’


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